Cora the Candy Girl

A huge thanks to a member of our patient family, David Stoike, for allowing us to share his poem with you:

Cora the candy girl, loved eating sweets

Hour after hour it was all she would eat.

Candy bars, soda, a peppermint stick,

Bubblegum, suckers, fudge, nice and thick.

Chocolate and candy canes, licorice whips,

Gum drops, cookies, and big ice cream twists.

Sweet rolls, banana bread, brownies and cake,

Why she'd eat anything that her mother would make.

"You must stop this habit" her mother would shout,

"Or one day, Cora dear, all your teeth will fall out."

But Cora ignored her, and ate even more

Whenever She could, she'd rush down to the store.

Candy corn, butterscotch, malted milk balls,

Jawbreakers, rock candy, she ate it all.

Then one day, when Cora got out of her bed,

She discovered she had no more teeth in her head.

And there wasn't a question, there wasn't a doubt,

That all of those sweets made her teeth all fall out!

Now sweets are okay for a snack or desert,

And if you would eat just a few, that won't hurt

But eat them like Cora, and soon you will see

That it's quite hard to chew when you don't have your teeth!

Copywrite 1990

David Stoike