5 Benefits of Same-Day Dentistry

As we have served our Lafayette community for over 35 years, technology has played a pivotal role in how we are able to provide comfortable and convenient dental care to our patient family. We understand it can be difficult finding the time for dental treatment in between work, running errands, and spending valuable time with your family. That is why we have invested in Cerec technology, which allows you to leave our office with your permanent crown in only one visit! Here is how this technology can benefit you and your family:

1. Strong and Durable Restorations that Look Great!

Not only do the porcelain crowns created through our Cerec technology look like your natural teeth, they are also very durable. You can feel confident in your ability to eat all the foods you enjoy without worrying about chipping or cracking.

2. Your Comfort Remains Our Top Priority

Fewer visits mean less time sitting in our dental chairs and fewer needles. Since no temporary crown is required, you do not have worry the types of food you eat or scheduling another visit to have it removed before the final crown is placed. With our Cerec technology, you only have one visit, one needle, and one permanent crown.

3. You Same the One Thing You Cannot Get Back: TIME

Time is precious to all of us, so why would you want to schedule two visits instead of one? Instead of scheudling two days off work or finding a babysitter for two days, you can have your permanent crown in one appointment. That means less time off work, more time with your family, and less time in a dental chair.

4. Achieve the Smile You Deserve Faster

With fewer visits needed to place crowns and other restorations, you can achieve a healthier and happier smile much faster by utilizing our Cerec technology. It also becomes easier for you to leave with permanent treatment in the case of emergencies such as chipped or cracked teeth.

5. Improve Your Confidence

After using our Cerec technology, you will leave our office with a healthier and better-looking smile that matches or exceeds your expectations. When our patients love their smile, they are more likely to show it off and feel better about themselves. That is why we work so hard and dedicate ourselves to providing you with the best and most current technology available.

Schedule your first visit with Guido Family Dentistry by calling 765-448-4242 in order to take advantage of all of these benefits and more!

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