Giving Thanks for Healthy Teeth

Instead of providing you with even more information and tips to help you care for your oral health, we would like to give thanks for everything important in our practice and our lives.

We especially want to give thanks for healthy teeth! Throughout the year we do our best to help everyone improve their oral health by posting helpful information for home care and recommendations from our excellent dental hygienists (and of course Dr. Guido). Patients now have access to an almost limitless amount of information, including tips to help them care for their teeth and gums. The results are fewer rates of periodontal disease and cavities in adults per year and, more importantly, fewer cavities and better oral health for children. All of us are doing a much better job of caring for our teeth and gums, but don’t take your healthy teeth for granted. Continue to maintain and clean them through regular brushing, flossing, and hygiene visits.

Also, we are thankful for you and our wonderful patient family! Without you we could not do what we do every day to help improve people’s lives. We truly believe our patient family is the best in town because we are just that: a family. We can't thank you enough for the privelage to care for your smile. Keep on being awesome!

As you are munching on treats and digging in to your turkey, remember to give thanks for your healthy teeth and remember how much they help us enjoy our favorite foods. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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