End of Year To-Do List

Our favorite stores in Lafayette and West Lafayette always find a way to remind us this time of year that Christmas is just around the corner, which means 2014 is almost over (I know…we can’t believe it either)! While we can hold off on the Christmas music for now, finishing dental work cannot.

Just as the end of the year is busy for many families, it is also busy for Guido Family Dentistry. Many of our patients look to start or finish their dental work before the New Year begins, which means our schedule fills up fast! There are several reasons for this and for you to consider scheduling an appointment early before time runs out.

First, your dental insurance benefits are likely to reset on January 1, 2015. This means any available benefits remaining this year will be lost FOREVER. While your insurance company would love for you to keep paying premiums without using all of your available annual benefits, we want to help you maximize your benefits plus provide you with high-quality dentistry. If you know or think you have dental work left in your treatment plan or you would like to investigate cosmetic services such as veneers or dental implants, call us today to receive a complimentary insurance benefit check and schedule your appointment!

Second, the tax man sees dental care as health care, meaning it can be deducted from your taxes. We recommend you consult with your tax specialist or accountant to check on the write-off status of any healthcare procedure, but this is a great way to save money and have a more beautiful smile!

Third, many of our patients have utilized Health Savings Accounts (HSA) from their employers to use for their medical and dental services. While details on these accounts vary, this money can sometimes be lost if it is not used by the end of the year. If you have

one of these accounts and you need dental care, we can help you find ways to optimize your plan so as not to lose this money.

For any questions about your insurance benefits or treatment plan, call our office to schedule a consultation or your next visit. Don’t wait too long or before you know it, January 2015 will be here and all of your dental benefits will be lost!

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