We are proud to offer CEREC, the lastest in single-visit crown technology.  CEREC is a breakthrough computerized 3D technology that allows us to create custom dental crowns right in our office.  By using this advanced technology, we can give you custom, perfectly matched and perfectly fitted dental crowns all during a single appointment!



CEREC has benefited many of our patients looking for a porcelain crown. Some advantages include:

  • Permanent (no temporary ones) and long-lasting restorations

  • High-quality devices that save more natural tooth

  • Less-invasive procedures for patients

  • Fewer injections resulting in less discomfort for You

  • Fewer dental visits means fewer costs to patients

  • Biocompatible solutions that do not harm the body

  • No horrible-tasting impressions

  • No time-consuming transfers to and from a lab


For more information, give us a call or ask a team member at your next appointment!

See how CEREC has helped our patients Here!